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Dance of Hope is a cultural music and dance-touring program that started in 2010, produced through the collaboration of M-Lisada and Heartbeat Children to explore the primal transforming power of arts by inspiring and connecting young people globally, while bringing awareness and raising support to provide quality education and improve the way of life for children. M-LISADA stands for Music, Life Skills, And Destitution Alleviation and it provides a safe haven while delivering education, mentoring and cultural activities, and attempts to reunite street children with their families.

DANCE OF HOPE brings Africa’s cultural experience to global audiences of all ages. Passionate rhythms, sensational sounds, exhilarating and colorful choreography, all swirled in gorgeous smiles of children, many of whom have come from the worst environments imaginable to turn negative stories into positive ones while they aim to inspire others to do the same.

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Performance Breath Taking Journey to Africa

From the very first drumbeat, and for 45 minutes to 1½ breathtaking hours, audiences are transported on an exhilarating journey to Africa like...

School Residencies Outreach and Education

Bringing storytelling, song, dance, and traditional African instruments into classrooms are all part of DANCE OF HOPE’s “Exchange and connect”...

Community Programs Camps and Workshops

Dance of hope’s programs are all family friendly and perfect for all ages. We facilitate community workshops, children’s camps, outdoor festival...

Tour Dates

South Lake ,Tahoe ,CA
South Lake ,Tahoe ,CA
South Lake ,Tahoe ,CA

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