Outreach and Education

Bringing storytelling, song, dance, and traditional African instruments into classrooms are all part of DANCE OF HOPE’s “Exchange and connect” program. Eyes light up when the troupe visits schools, churches, festivals and community gatherings bearing instruments and stories to exchange with other children whose lives are similar and different. Through interaction with DANCE OF HOPE, students are instructed on how to play several traditional African instruments, sing along with DANCE OF HOPE performers, improvise dance movements to accompany the songs, and create original compositions in a workshop setting.  The intimate settings provide memorable opportunities for children and adults from different countries and backgrounds to find common space. Through panel discussions, participants learn about the role music plays in creating awareness on many important issues such as global poverty, peace, justice and human rights, environmental protection, empowerment and self esteem building, and love.

Featured Video – Dance of Hope Residency, South Haven, MI

WORKSHOPS may run from 1 day to 3, made up of 20 or more students.
RESIDENCIES run one week culminating with a performance by the local students and DANCE OF HOPE cast.

STUDY GUIDES for teachers and leaders feature suggested lesson plans, exercises, activities, and information that can enhance the experience. An annotated bibliography is also included.

Who conducts the workshops?

The young performers of Dance of hope take the leading role in teaching, assisted by the team leaders. The residency program gives the opportunity to local students to connect with the Dance of hope children directly, teaching and learning from each other.

Dance of Hope

Dance of Hope is a cultural music and dance-touring program that started in 2010, produced through the collaboration of M-Lisada and Heartbeat Children to explore the primal transforming power of arts by inspiring and connecting young people globally