Schools / EDU Programs

Cross-cultural outreach/Residencies

Eyes light up when Dance of Hope visits schools, local students getting the rare opportunity to connect and interact with children of similar age, coming directly from Africa. The touring young cast members all speak English fluently and are well trained to lead workshops, performances and Q&A sessions.

School residency programs consist of workshop activities that allow local students to have hands-on experiences and go on a learning journey with Dance of Hope members, leading to culminating performances.


Multi day residencies

  • « Learning to play African traditional instruments.
  • « Learning African dances
  • « Learning African songs
  • « Instrument building workshops
  • « Costume making workshops
  • « Workshops with Jazz, Chorus and Dance groups.
  • « Classroom visits with Q&A/discussions
  • « Multi-assembly concerts

Single day programs

  • « Back to back assembly shows + Q&A
  • « Classrooms visits/discussions
  • « 30-40 min Workshop sessions for selected students/classes

Culminating performances.

During extended residencies local students that participate in Jazz bands, choral groups, dance groups as well as non music students get to learn from Dance of Hope performers and at the end of the residency they all have the opportunity to perform with Dance of Hope children on the same stage.

Children Reached
Children Educated
Children Graduated

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