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Engaging Outreach and Education

Dance of Hope takes pride in offering tailored educational experiences for students of all ages that suit the specific needs of each school/community we visit. Our K-12 programs provide unique opportunities for students to engage directly with our touring performers and we promise an exciting blend of education, socialization, and pure joy outside the classroom. Through interactive general assembly performances, classroom Q&A sessions, and hands-on workshops in singing, drumming, dance, and costume design, students embark on a dynamic learning journey.

Program Highlights

  • School Assemblies:
    Our dynamic school assemblies are tailored to specific age groups, delivering an unforgettable experience that combines captivating performances with meaningful educational content. These assemblies ignite curiosity and inspire a deeper understanding of global cultures.
  • Classroom Visits:
    Our engaging classroom visits bring the vibrancy of African culture directly to your school. Students have the opportunity to interact with our talented performers, ask questions, and participate in hands-on activities.
  • Student Outreach Programs:
    Designed for extended engagement, our programs span 3-5 days and encompass a variety of activities. These immersive experiences can take place in a single school or across multiple schools within a community.

Residency Details

Single school residencies

  • ✹ Tailored assembly performances for specific age groups.
  • ✹ In-depth workshops in song, dance and percussion and costume making.
  • ✹ Flexible student rotations during workshops for maximum participation.
  • ✹ A culminating performance uniting local students with Dance of Hope.

Multiple school residencies

  • ✹ Visits to two schools a day in close proximity.
  • ✹ Engaging assembly performances.
  • ✹ 30 - 40 minute simultaneous workshops or classroom visits.
  • ✹ Q&A sessions, fostering direct interaction and inquiry with our team.

Booking Options

While we encourage schools to host Dance of Hope directly, we understand that it may not always be possible. If Dance of Hope is not scheduled to visit your area, consider exploring our classroom resources and virtual experiences to bring a piece of our program to your students.

Contact Us

For inquiries or to schedule a Student Outreach Program at your school, please reach out to our team through our contact form.

Culminating performances.

During extended residencies local students that participate in Jazz bands, choral groups, dance groups as well as non music students get to learn from Dance of Hope performers and at the end of the residency they all have the opportunity to perform with Dance of Hope children on the same stage.

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