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Outreach and Education

We are proud to present the Dance of Hope student experiences for students of all ages where we offer customizable educational programs for k-12, giving opportunities to students to interact and learn from our touring performers. We do interactive general assembly performances, classroom visits for Q&A sessions, and workshops in: singing, drumming, dance, costume design, and classroom visits for Q&A sessions.

One-day programs typically include a general assembly performance, after which students could break out into smaller groups for workshop activities that last about 30 minutes.

Multiple day last for 3-5 days and they are extended outreach programs that involve a variety of activities, taking place either in a single school or multiple schools.

3–5-day residency programs

Single school residencies

  • ✹ Assembly performances customized for specific age groups.
  • ✹ In-depth workshops in singing, dance, percussion, and costume making.
  • ✹ Student rotation during workshops if needed.
  • ✹ Culminating performance with together local students

Multiple school residencies

  • ✹ We can visit 2 schools a day that are in close proximity to one another
  • ✹ One assembly performance
  • ✹ 30 - 40 minutes simultaneous workshops or classroom visits
  • ✹ 15 minutes Q and A session.

Culminating performances.

During extended residencies local students that participate in Jazz bands, choral groups, dance groups as well as non music students get to learn from Dance of Hope performers and at the end of the residency they all have the opportunity to perform with Dance of Hope children on the same stage.

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