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Dance of Hope is Africa’s Leading Youth based Arts Education Program that captures the messages of hope and resilience that emanate from powerfully moving productions and residences. This program explores the primal transforming power of music, dance and storytelling through empowering, inspiring and connecting young people and communities globally, while bringing awareness and raising support to provide quality education and improve the way of life for children living in impoverished communities. DANCE OF HOPE brings Africa’s cultural experience of passionate rhythms, sensational sounds, exhilarating and colorful choreography to global audiences of all ages, all swirled in gorgeous smiles of children; many of whom have come from the worst environments imaginable to turn negative stories into positive ones while they aim to inspire others to do the same. This vibrant music, dance and storytelling spectacular brings Africa’s newest cast of young performers aged age 11-18, with triumphant turnaround stories, showcasing a resilience birthed out of sounds that enhance creativity, persistence and change.


In 2010, Uganda’s internationally re-known artist Herbert Kinobe (aka Kinobe) walked into M-LISADA children’s home and was warmly welcomed with love and smiles from the children living there, many of whom were ages 4-8. The home was filled with sounds of brass band music, cultural drumming and there were young acrobats practicing their drills. However, something that Kinobe observed; the youngest kids did not participate in any of these activities and were all on the sidelines watching but showing strong interest.
A candid conversation between Kinobe and the founder of M-LISADA children’s home Bosco Segawa took place and they talked about life, art, community, responsibility, children, the future etc. Kinobe proposed to find ways through which these vulnerable children could bring their arts and life stories to global audiences, a platform that would help improve their self-esteem and talents, while raising funds for education.
Kinobe had already worked on a similar program for 2 years with Heartbeat Children, another grassroots organisation in Uganda but, after learning about the life of Bosco Segawa and M-LISADA, he immediately wanted to build a partnership. An agreement was reached to merge the arts activities of Heartbeat Children and M-LISADA and a year later the DANCE OF HOPE program was launched. Many children enrolled into learning traditional songs, instruments and dances and within a short time, Dance of Hope had become well known in the country, receiving invitations to perform on many occasions.

Global connection and social responsibility

Dance of Hope performers have provided a deep cultural awareness to global communities by visiting schools, cultural centers, communities, churches, art galleries, museums, festivals among other venues to showcase, perform and teach their cultural songs, dances, music instruments and tell their stories.
The Dance of Hope touring members are ambassadors to the thousands of children in Uganda and this program provides a platform for them to build strong connections with families and communities worldwide, allow them to turn their tragic backgrounds into hope, give them access to global markets to sell their products and help them raise funds for Education on behalf many underserved children in Uganda.
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