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About Us


Dance of Hope is a youth-based cultural touring ensemble from Uganda and hailed as Africa’s most impactful arts education program, which explores the transformational power of music and dance, capturing the messages of hope and resilience that emanate from memorable mainstage productions and outreach.

This exceptional ensemble has toured across the USA since 2018 and its young cast brings stories, songs and dances to global communities of all ages through their invigorating drum beats, sensational sounds, colorful choreography and gorgeous harmonies. Through the vibrant mainstage performances and other engagements that include schools and community outreach, participants and audiences learn about the role music and dance plays in creating awareness of many important global issues, while empowering and uplifting self-esteem for everyone.

Founded in 2010 by Ugandan world musician Chinobay and Bosco Segawa, once an orphan on the streets of Kampala, Dance of Hope strives to inspire, empower and connect people and communities globally while raising support to provide education for underprivileged children and improve life quality for families living in impoverished communities.

Dance of Hope not only nurtures children and empowers them, helping them to heal the pain conferred by poverty and disenfranchisement, but encourages them to express themselves loudly, powerfully and in communion with others. The touring cast members have come from the worst environments imaginable to turn negative stories into positive ones, showcasing a resilience born out of the sounds that enhance creativity, persistence and change and they inspire audiences to explore their own feelings and seek healthy, creative modes of expression.

Audiences who experience the power of Dance of Hope performances are gripped by the emotional impact of candid storytelling and inspired to support the arts and education! Across the globe, young people are motivated to learn and open to new experiences and, Dance of Hope uses music, arts and life skills to emphasize this commonality and to allow it to blossom.

Our Story

Dance of Hope was created in 2010 by Ugandan musician, Educator, producer and World Bridge Foundation founder Chinobay (née Herbert Kinobe), and Bosco Segawa - once an orphan on the streets of Kampala, Uganda who founded M-LISADA, one of the most revered children’s homes in the country.

Growing up in an impoverished community with few resources, Chinobay’s story is exceptional. Although he has traveled the world widely, performing music in all corners of the globe, his connection to Uganda is unwavering.

In 2008 while on tour in the US, Chinobay was introduced to the work of M-LISADA children’s home by Charles Terry, a philanthropist who had been supporting the home for several years. When Charles visited Uganda again, he invited Chinobay to M-LISADA where they attended a performance given by children living at the center and experiencing profound hardship.

Despite the turmoil - both emotional and financial - that they had endured, their smiles still shone through. Hundreds of children were eager to perform their music, and Chinobay found himself moved to tears - at one time, he had been one of those children. While watching the children perform, he could envision a dream come true where they could travel around the world to share their songs and stories with communities worldwide while striving to restore dignity and self-confidence. This emotional experience led Chinobay to return to M-LISADA by himself the day after, to meet with Bosco. They shared their personal life stories, experiences and ideas on how these vulnerable children could create a path for sustainable solutions that could transform their local communities and this marked the birth of Dance of Hope.

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