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Our performances transcend the boundaries of the main stage, as music's universal language propels us to extraordinary places. From hospital lobbies to intimate living rooms, backyards, bustling workplaces, celebratory birthday parties, serene elderly facilities, and beyond, our vibrant young performers invigorate every setting with their enchanting melodies, pulsating rhythms, and captivating dance.

These community engagements are designed to infuse fresh energy into any space, forging powerful connections between performers and participants. These connections endure far beyond the event, evolving into lasting bonds. We extend an open invitation to anyone intrigued by the magic to reach out and be part of this extraordinary experience.

Connect Beyond the Stage:

Host Families - Youth Culminating Performances - Classroom Learning Journeys
  • ♦ Host families are able to form unique connections with the Dance of Hope, visiting children from Uganda.
  • ♦ Young people in the U.S. are able to create global connections and engage in meaningful conversations and experiences, asking questions, learning new languages, music instruments and much more.
  • ♦ Beautiful experiences in classrooms where Q&A sessions are a learning gateway for local students.
  • ♦ “Culminating performances” in which Dance of Hope and American children work together and give a performance for the local community
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