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Chinobay (née Herbert Kinobe)

Founder, Producer and Creative Director
Born and raised in Uganda, Chinobay grew up in an underprivileged family, playing the instruments of local Buganda musicians who provided the soundtrack for the Kanyange king’s palace just up the hill from his house.
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Bosco Segawa

Co-Founder & Coordinator - Uganda
In 1996, Segawa Bosco was a 12-year- old orphan living on the Kampala streets with his three younger sisters. One day he saw children playing brass band music at a private school.
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Herman Bagonza

Artistic Director
Bagonza Herman is a Ugandan Artistic Consultant, Creative Facilitator, and Performer with experience in the areas of Classical and East African music, dance, and drama with a particular focus on supporting Youth in Development
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Sarah Inne

Ass. Artistic Director

Youth leaders

Bosco Okema

Asst. Artistic Director

Esther Namulondo

Asst. Artistic Director

Noah Mulondo

Life skills - Boys club

Lima Nakato

Life skills - Girls club

Technical Team

Bosco Eric Wanazala


Andrew Simpson

Children Reached
Children Educated
Children Graduated

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