Impact and Testimonials

Since its founding in 2010, Dance of Hope has reached over 62706 children in Uganda and the U.S. In 2018, Dance of Hope reached over 45,000 children and thousands of families across the U.S. in its first international tour alone. Conversations and physical interactions between African and American children and communities have been incredibly impactful, as well as enormously appreciated by schools, teachers, families and community members across North America.

Connect Beyond the Stage

Host Families - Youth Culminating Performances - Classroom Learning Journeys
  • ♦ Host families are able to form unique connections with Dance of Hope children visiting from Uganda.
  • ♦ Young people in the US are able to create global connections and engage in meaningful conversations and experiences, asking questions, learning
       new languages, music instruments and much more.
  • ♦ Beautiful experiences in classrooms where Q&A sessions are a learning gateway for local students.
  • ♦ “Culminating performances” in which Dance of Hope and American children work together and give a performance for the local community.

Testimonials from school teachers

Testimonials from teachers and principals after hosting aDance of Hope residency.

What Makes DANCE OF HOPE Different From Other African Youth Ensembles Performing In The U.S.?

DANCE OF HOPE is experiential. Whether in performance or residency, the children use music, dance, and storytelling to expose audiences to Africa’s rich culture, history and the arts. They also share their transformative personal stories in an interactive format with the audience, to give hope and affect change

Student- Host Family Experiences

Dance of hope members and their host student family share their experiences.

Testimonial from local Students

A South Whidbey high school student shares her experience with Dance of Hope

Classroom visit sessions

Dance of Hope children visit a classroom for a Q & A session during an outreach
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Children in School
Children Given Housing
Children Reached
Children Educated
Children Graduated

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